Can I import UDK3 SpeedTrees into UE4?

Is it possible to import Trees made with UDK 3 SpeedTree Edition into Unreal Engine 4 ?

I just tested it and I think it’s not possible -> always get an error, but it could be that I’m doing something wrong (was 1 year ago since I used speedtree the last time ^^)

I also get always an error…
Is UDK having a plugin of some sort?
Perhaps then exporting a UDK Tree to UE4?

You can export meshes as fbx/obj files, but that’s not possible with SpeedTrees -> so you will have to buy a speedtree licence or create your own trees in a 3d program (in this foilage pack you can find some good shader setups with many effects -> ) :wink:

I don’t…see why not? Speedtree has their own forums and it may be worth checking around on there to see if others may have run into the issues. It’s like at least 30% UE users so you are among friends there. What is the error you are getting? UE4 has full SpeedTree integration, so there’s no reason that it wouldn’t work. I guess make sure you are waiting for it to compile entirely since SpeedTree is slow sometimes and it’s not always obvious that it is still compiling.

Here’s the link to the speedtree forums. Sometimes it takes a while to get a response over there though :confused: but it’s worth a shot if you continue to have trouble. But also post the error you get on here, I’m really interested to know what it is.

Because then nearly noone would pay for the speedtree subscription :wink:

The error:
>>>Import Failed:“the path to the file”<<<

Btw, just found this :slight_smile:
"The version of Speedtree modeler included with the UDK is not compatible with the version that is implemented in UE4. You cannot import those files, the engine is designed for a newer ST Modeler. "

I thought they announced with UE4 that the fancy new licensing system would allow old subscribers to maintain their subscriptions etc for like $1200 or something. I suppose I assumed here that the OP had a ST license which, touche , might not have been accurate.


THANKS for sharing that.

er… I guess so… :slight_smile: