Can I import a custom NavMesh and/or have Navmesh's on walls and ceilings?

Is it possible to have a nav mesh work past 90 degrees? Consider the game “Prey” for a moment. The characters and enemies could walk on the walls etc. So what if you have a walkable mesh past 90 degrees? What path should one look into there? Even further what if you could walk on the ceiling and gravity was central to that? I guess another question would be can gravity be reversed? What if it repealed instead, then walking on walls/ ceiling would be needed

Currently I’m working on this again and still looking for some information.


Is Is there a way to get the Navigation volume to recognize being rotated and generate navmesh from that rotation? Currently if I rotate the navmesh volume it behaves as though it hasn’t been rotated. Where would this orientation be located in the RecastNavMeshGenerator?

Have you found a solution?
I need my AI to find its way trough vertical catwals like this:

Not yet, I’ve gone around the Navmesh for my purposes. I would imagine for the ladder situation that you wouldn’t need that to be in the navmesh, instead you would have a volume near the base or top that caused an event for your AI to animate to the next position.

Thanks. Will try the event though cannot imagine how it can work with the “simple go to” command

I think the event firing could take over whatever Go to, is telling it. So when the AI gets within the trigger volume, the event fires, stops the go to, then causes the AI to animate up or down the ladder. At that point you could have it refire where it was going to originally.

Nice, only have to figure out how to know it should go up or down :smiley: