Can I have two separate kind of controllers in a multiplayer game?

So basically I want to make a kind of a VR simulator game in which there will be a player who acts as the server and all the others are clients. So for example, client is flying a jet, server decides to cause a malfunction and he can do so, and then the client can perform whatever has to be done to rectify the malfunction. What I need to know is that is it possible for the server to have a separate screen with a whole UI and a little viewport of the player and a myraid of options WHICH IS ALL CONTROLLED USING A KEYBOARD AND MOUSE, while the client side ONLY HAS A VR CONTROLLER AND ONLY WORKS IN VR. Long story short, I want to know if one player can have a completely different play experience, ie: a UI and a keyboard mouse for input and the other have a VR only play experience.

Also, I’m fairly experienced with Unreal but not so much in the multiplayer aspect and some heads up on multiplayer would be nice.

Thank you in advance

Conceptual Visualization:

Player 1:

Player 2:

Gonna be answering myself here using latest experience. I could be wrong tho.

No we can’t. But normally we don’t need to either. Just possess and unpossess the pawn we need to use and get the job done

Not marking as answer as someone more knowledgeable than me might be able to provide a much better answer.