Can I "glue" actors together to make them move like 1?


I’m new to UE4 and I was wondering if it is possible to glue Actors together? I already treid merging them but I did not work out liek I want. My main goal is to create a flaoting Island with a Hosue on Top, I already made a 3D Model for the Isalnd made It fly and Designed a House (as merged Actor or as many smaller Actors) but I just cant seem to make the Hosue stand still on the flying (and rotating) Island.

Im really lookign forward to some way of like “glueing” 2 Actors together in order to make my idea work.

Thanks for helping!

There attach functions:

Also you can directly define actor as a component use in UChildActorComponent, this is normally used when you drag actor in to blueprint.

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you can put one Blueprint inside another one. Just drag and drop the house into the viewport of your island. Then position it inside the the BP :slight_smile: