Can I "glue" actors together to make them move like 1?


I’m new to UE4 and I was wondering if it is possible to glue Actors together? I already treid merging them but I did not work out liek I want. My main goal is to create a flaoting Island with a Hosue on Top, I already made a 3D Model for the Isalnd made It fly and Designed a House (as merged Actor or as many smaller Actors) but I just cant seem to make the Hosue stand still on the flying (and rotating) Island.

Im really lookign forward to some way of like “glueing” 2 Actors together in order to make my idea work.

Thanks for helping!

There attach functions:

Also you can directly define actor as a component use in UChildActorComponent, this is normally used when you drag actor in to blueprint.

you can put one Blueprint inside another one. Just drag and drop the house into the viewport of your island. Then position it inside the the BP :slight_smile: