Can i get the IP of a player?

Hey, i was wondering if i could get a clients IP address via blueprint?

If that was possible to could a server that runs unreal to use it only for connecting players togheter.
If i dont want my game up on steam, but i still want players to be able to play online i need something that can connect them to eachother right! So if i could get the IP address of a player i could make something like this right?

A player click “Host game” and then he actuly host a game on hes network. then hes game will send a message to my server with the IP Address so that my server can set that address to a variable.

Then when another player clicks join button he will call my server for a host IP and then connect to that IP.

This would be magical if i could get it to work, but i need a way to get a players public IP address. so is that possible in blueprint?

Many thanks for response!

It seems there no way to do it in blueprint, you would need to use C++ and get UPlayer object of player, which in case of remote player is this class:

There a easy function in PlayerController to get it, it also provides lot of net stats of player:

You can try exposing those functions to blueprint (by making oyur own function in C++ with Bluepritn Callable). If you don’t know C++ at all the i guess all left is either as someone else to make nodes for oyu or do feature request in feedback forum