Can I get the full C++ code of my game?

I’m trying to make a game for a project and to make it in time I decided I should make it using blueprints, but to present it and get a passing grade I need to present the C++ code used in making the game. Considering the 2 aspects above would it be possible to make the game using blueprints then viewing the resulted C++ code?

Nope, this is not currently possible as far as i’m aware of. If you want c++ you have to write it. You can prototype in blueprints for speed and once the blueprint is working it would not take long or be very hard to manually convert it to c++. I would say that’s your best bet.

Blueprint does not compile in to C++, it compiles to it’s own binary code and run on own virtual machine similar way as Java does. Blueprint only gets converted to C++ if you nativeization turned on, but that process only happens on packaging and result code not suppose to be human readable… and i don’t think you can get a passing grade on that. But if you want to look at it you should find it in intermediate folder after packaging

Thanks for the answers. Think i’ll try to follow steve’s advice, i hope it works

Thank you