Can i get rid of this gradient on decal?

Decals have a smooth gradient on it’s z axis, can i turn this feature off? I need my decals to look the same on horizontal and vertical.

Decals have fall-off that starts approximately at one third of their X size from both sides, and apparently there’s no possibility to change this fall-off. What you can do is scale the decal up by X to 5–10 and place it deeper, so that the surface would fall within the central third of the decal actor.

Edit: the decal default X size is 128 and the fall-off starts apparently at 32, so a quarter of each side. You can change the decal size or the actor scale, but ultimately the result will be the same.

You could use a box mask in your material for the decal’s opacity if you don’t need to rotate the decal.

Thanks. But with what i try to accomplish i need my decal to be applied the same horizontally and vertically at the same time

What do you mean, how would it help?

You can still rotate it but only on X axis.

Thanks, at least like this it works