Can i get particle color over life back to XYZ instead of RGB?

So i upgraded to UE 4.6 and the first thing i noticed was how annoying color over life in particles is now. The RGB values wont let me go over 1.0 unless i use the graph editor which is inconvenient at times that i just want to quickly change a color over 1. Is there an easier way than using the graph editor to change values over 1 or a way to change color over life back to the original XYZ value?

There is a bug in 4.6 preventing you from being able to use the details panel sliders, I believe it has been fixed in ver 4.7.

To get around , open up the color picker (click on the color) and set the values you want in the R/G/B boxes, it will not reset to 1.0 like it does from the details panel.

oh ok cool thanks. so its just a bug? i thought it was on purpose. lol