Can I exclude objects / materials from Post Processing?

The game I’m currently working on takes place underwater, in order to create the effects for being underwater my team decided we could use Post Processing and Lighting Caustics (think I’m using that term correctly). Currently the team wants the HUD to occupy a 3D space, and due to this, the materials on the HUD are currently being affected by the Post Processing. I’ve considered a few possibilities for how to resolve the issue but I’m asking here for possibly better solutions or confirmation that my approach is correct. I apologize in advance for links over pictures, I was getting database errors when I tried grabbing files from my computer, and an error I didn’t understand when I tried from a URL.

This is what the gauges normally look like:

Ideally we’d want to keep the HUD 3D and unaffected by Post. The current view of the HUD is:

If I turn off Scene Color:

  1. I recently have been considering turning off “Scene Color”, converting the HUD to “Unlit”, then in-order to keep Depth Fade set the HUD to “Translucent” instead of “Opaque”. I’m pretty certain that would give us the color of the HUD and then we could keep the Post Processing affecting the pieces of the Environment. (First and best idea I’ve had so far).

Playing around with “Unlit” and toggling “Scene Color”:

  1. Someone suggested to me posting here and checking if maybe there is a way to make certain elements ignore color grading, or dealing with render custom depth on a Post Processing material.

  2. Taking a screenshot and converting it to a 2D image that is drawn to the HUD to maintain the look that it might be 3D, but keeping it out of the scene so that it might not be colored.

I am also interested to find out how this works as I am having a nearly identical issue (actually the exact opposite but the solution to this I think should help me as well) I am also working with a 3d in world hud only I need to actually separate post processes so that I can process the hud and the world individually. In other words my hud will have its own post process effects independent of the rest of the world and vice versa. Can this be done?

I think you can do that with UMG using the Viewport experimental widget: Widget Type Reference | Unreal Engine Documentation