Can I dynamicly add particles to a particle effect?

I have created a particle effect which has a burst of 1 particle a time of 0 and a lifetime of 0 and an orbit. This creates one particle which rotates around an area randomly, as I want. But I want to fire an event from blueprint to spawn another particle (so there would then be 2) over and over so I can keep adding particles until it changes and I kill it.

I have found the EventReceaverSpawn module and selected blueprint but I can’t work out how to call it from blueprint or is that not how it works?

The other method I tried was to dynamically set the parameter of spawn amount, but to get it to spawn I have to set a constant of 1 which causes it to keep spawning particles once i set the amount to 1 or more.

Thanks in advance,

The solution I have found was to just spawn new particle emitters for every new particle. Fortunately I just need them to randomly orbit in place and not effect each other. This doesn’t seem to effect performance as much as I was expecting, even on mobile it seems to work fine, so far anyway (I’ve only tested up to around 240 spawned).