Can I delete Source Folder?

I Building Unreal Engine from Source Code, and try to down size of file folder.
Can I delete Engine\Source folder? Is it safe?

If you want to build the engine from source again, you won’t be able to if you have deleted the source folder. You also won’t be able to debug engine code. Deleting source folder won’t free up much space either, seeing as they are only text files. I would leave it alone.

I check source folder size between official release version and building from source version(4.10.4).
official release version is 662MB, building from source version is approaching 6.1GB

Hi, it seems you’re right. Third party libraries used by UE contribute to this, PhysX is the largest factor. I would still say though, if you want to continue building UE from source, don’t delete the Source folder.

How often do you rebuild UE though, in your workflow? Since you are considering deleting the Source folder, I take it you build UE from source just to have the latest version, not because you make edits to the source. In that case, you can delete the Source folder after compiling the engine. You’ll just have to redownload it again from Git when you want to recompile the engine.

Actually I try to modify source code and release executable version. In release version, I think Source folder can be deleted? Thank you.