Can I copy code from Engine Plugin (Significance Manager) to my plugin and sell on the marketplace?


I’m creating a plugin that is a Character Optimisation System based off the Engine Plugin Significance Manager.

Significance Manager Docs:

I’m attempting to override the “UPDATE” function in my child class. However many variables in the Significance Manager class are Private which are essential for the UPDATE function. (Significance Manager is built as a framework and UPDATE is expected to be overridden according to the docs).

This leaves me with 3 options:

  1. Copy all the code from The Significance Manager to another class and alter the code for my plugin and sell it altogether- ideal but may not be legal!?
  2. Make every customer change their Significance Manager Plugin Files as well as installing my plugin - not ideal.
  3. Not sell the plugin and just have it for personal use- not ideal.

Is 1) allowed/ are there any other options I haven’t considered?

Appreciate any advice on this!