Can I cook a specific asset?


Is there any way to cook a specific asset with command line or other else? For example, If I modify some content in a data table, can I use any console command to cook this uasset of data table? Just like we can use UnrealPak.exe to pack a single file or a set of specific files with -create=path/to/response/file.txt.

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Hi wingedrobin,

Check out the following documentation:

Cooking Content from the Command Line

If the information in this document does not answer your question, please explain what’s missing.



Hi ,

Thanks for reply. I had read this document before, and I knew I can cook all the content of the whole project once with the command in that document. But now I wanna know is there a argument or command that I can assign a specific asset to cook. For example, If I only modify some data in one data table, can I use UAT(or other command line tool) with some optional argument to cook this data table?

We do not support cooking individual individual assets like you’ve described in your example, rather, the entire project must be cooked.

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So if I made a modify in one asset in a cooked project. I still need to use UE4Editor to go through the whole cook process, checking if asset is modified or not and cook it, right? Hmmm… If there has a function like I said, that will be more convenient. However, thanks anyway :slight_smile:


Is there any specific reason for such limitation?