Can I control what is shown on multiple displays?

I am attempting to create a program that can be used for tabletop role playing games. The purpose of the “game” that I am making is to keep track of character placement and stats in a visual manner during combat etc. The idea is that the DM would use their laptop to control the action, while displaying it on a projector/other screen.

I know that UE4 is not designed for this type of thing. But, I was wondering if there is any way that I can control the output to the two different monitors (allowing one monitor to see things that the other monitor does not). This would allow the DM to select which enemies/items/maps will be involved in the encounter without the players seeing the labels (and, thereby, giving away any information that the DM doesn’t want them to know).

It would be nice if this could work in a similar manner to how PowerPoint allows the main monitor to have notes about each slide available, while the projector simply shows the slide itself.

Even a built-in “picture mute” function would be helpful. Just so that the DM would have the opportunity to set up the battlefield without the players seeing all of the details (i.e. placement of hidden objects/creatures or names of unidentified creatures/items/places).

Again, I understand that UE4 is not designed with this type of use in mind. But if there is any way to build control of this into the “game”, it would be very helpful.


I need the same. Couldn’t find a workaround yet…