Can I control a sine's timing by world position?


Is it possible to control the time of a panner or sine based off of a mesh’s world position? I’d like to have an emissive material that blinks on and off on multiple objects, but I would like them to appear somewhat random. If I add a sine with time to the emissive, all objects will blink at the same time. Is it possible to offset this based on the object’s position in world space?

here you go and this is what you have to do in the material editor cec4f22dbde49cd481b8cfa86a20f1cc0bfe7ac1.jpeg

Wow! Yes, this is exactly the effect I am looking for. My only question is, why does this work? What does the division by 100 accomplish?

you basically add the position off your object in world space to your time an create an offset. The division by 100 (100 is arbitrary) is so that the variation can occur even to objects closer together… the closer the objects the bigger the number you need to be to see drastic variations not just objects blinking one after another…

Great suggestion. my only minor suggestion is to not use 100 as the multiplier since if you use any kind of grid snapping, objects are likely to end up in the same phase. Using the most non-divisible number (as in a prime) is best for this kind of thing.

Thanks for the explanation! This is going to work perfectly. And thanks Ryan for the prime number suggestion.