Can I configure Pixel Streaming to go directly to a WebRTC cdn?

I have an application where we allow the user to broadcast out their VR sessions to any number of observers around the world. My current solution is to use OBS to capture and then stream the session to a commercial CND service (Millicast) such that anywhere from 1 to 500 users can watch and hear the stream. I’d like to get OBS out of the loop and use the pixel stream directly to that service, however all the docs I can find are very much tied to the Signalling and Web server use case.

Can anyone direct me to a solution or the start of one?

In short, I’d like to create an wrapper I can call with the server url and key token that will tell the system to start encoding and sending data to that server WITHOUT any interaction with a external Signalling and Web server.


You might have found the answer already but for anyone interested in Millicast they’ve recently developed a Publisher plugin for Unreal. This will enable you to publish from Unreal Directly to Millicast.