Can I completely remove C++ from project?

Hello, so I have problems with renaming project with C++ which I dont know how to fix, and looks like that easier remove all C++ code (its not a lot), and crate it again. But I think that after that I get more problems.

Note that you don’t need to do anything with C++ to rename the project, to rename the project you need to change name of uproject file and update project information in project settings. C++ module name is independent from rest of project, project know which module to load from meta data uproject file, only thing you may want to change is target build scripts to make sure end exe will have correct name. Module name can be different if you want to skip a hassle, name never gonna be visible to user and only once you may see it is people working on this project and people who will attempt to hack you game and see it in the packed game files. So it not as impotent or else you really care for people to not know the name.

Fun fact, Epic also don’t rename obsolete names in C++, that why for example we all know Blueprint had a code name Kismet 2 and you can see lot of K2 in blueprint relate stuff to this day in APIs.

But question is different, how to delete C++ completely from project:

-First you need to remove any reference of C++ from blueprints and any other assets and levels, because things will break if you delete C++ code and you still referencing in assets and because way UE4 stores assets it will be pain to fix that afterwards if not impossible. NOTE THAT CHANGING MODULE TOO MAY BREAK REFERENCES TOO, so do it anyway (that why it’s better to not rename C++ module)

-Delete source folder

-Edit uproject file in text editor (in reality it’s just file) and delete Modules section of text in there, this way editor wont attempt to load module and wont be dependent on it (wont complain you need to compile it)

-An thats it, you project will be have like blueprint only project

-Attempt to create C++ class and UE4 should recreate C++ module with the current name of the project.

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C++ Hero, where are you?

Thanks for answer, but what about Saved and Intermediate folders, I dont need to delete them?

Also, maybe you know how to fix problem which I get while rename C++ by one guide

It’s good idea, but not deleting should not be harm as all it would have if unused trash that does noting in there


*Missing UE4Game binary.
You may have to build the UE4 project with your IDE. Alternatively, build using UnrealBuildTool with the commandline:
UE4Game *

But I cant build project, if project dont have C++ code :smiley: Looks like that I dont need to touch sln file, need to check it again.

Oh, wait :smiley: I cnaged module section to “Modules”: “”, , and thats wehre problem is :smiley: Yes, I had to deleate full section of modules, after that I dont have error on packaging project, and exe file gets new name :slight_smile: Again thanks for answers :slight_smile:

Wait, after that I cant launch packed game, just black screen withot starting sound and UI.

Standalone launch from editor works fine, but packed game for Win dont have even game splash at start, just black screen. And yes, I tryed to dont touch Saved and Intermediate folders.

Shipping or development build?

Shipping build.