Can I compile only my project without having UBT also compile whole engine?

I recently switched to source build version of UE, mainly because i wanted to have pdb files for engine dlls which could be helpful in stack trace deciphering and debugging in general, the prebuild version only have pdb for exe files. After compiling engine and regenerating project files for our game the UBT instead of compiling only my project it start to compiling whole engine again and don’t want to listen to solution configuration where i set to compile only frantic, i also tried to remove engine projects from solution. Is there way to set up UBT to work in similar way as prebuild version of engine? Do i need to compile engine it in right way (i notice that prebuild version got lib files in bineries)?

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I’ve answered this question several times now

Use my info above to bind a key on your keyboard that will only compile your current project!

I removed my normal F7 binding and replaced it with the new one

so now when I press F7 it only builds my current project


But id does that when i try to compile project not solution :stuck_out_tongue: But i kind find a way, i simply let him compile engine once on my project and since then it saying up to date, but i’m kind of worried that when i change class structure it will want to do that again as it sometimes did with my project. Other problem is also when i want to rebuild my project it will clear the engine build.

Recently i got mad about it dedicated myself more to find the solution… and i finally found it :slight_smile: you need to add -rocket option at the end of UBT bat files exec line, you need to set it up in VS, probably generating project files with that option may work too. I gonna make tutorial about it and paste it here in future.

Any tutorial for this? I don’t understand. Thanks!

Too bad he didn’t dedicate more time to write up a better answer?

Does this still apply in 4.26?