Can I change the projection co-ordinates of a World Aligned Texture?

So here’s something new I’m trying.

I want to make a material that when applied to multiple objects, its projection is the same and the material will be mapped at the same scale and co-ordinates. Initially I had played around with WorldAlignedTextures as I had hoped this would work and seem to remember having similar results in the past. This was not the case this time. The material appears mapped different on all objects dependent on their UVs.

I basically want to make a material instance that ignores the UV mapping and projects the material at the same co-ordinates on everything.

Is this possible? I don’t see why it couldn’t be. If not, what is the closest way I can achieve this?

You’ll see in the attached screenshot what I mean. The object in the middle with the black line at dado height is coincidentally right where I want it (perhaps because its a one sided square and the UVs are simple enough that way that it can’t go wrong.) All other objects around have the material mapped different.


I tried again and it actually worked so not sure what went wrong the first time. My question now is; is there a way to move the projection? It’s roughly at the scale I want but it’s too high.