Can I add a button in the html page when UE4 launched as html5?

when I am publishing ue4 html5, four buttons were automatically generated. Now I want to create two more buttons that will replace the buttons from the iframe. I can create buttons but I am confused on how to link those buttons with unreal engine. In the iframe, when I click the cube button, a cube will fall from the sky and the same for sphere cube. I don’t know how to function those two buttons same as the iframe buttons.

i am going to recommend you not do that. and that you stick with using the SlateUI buttons.

the request you are asking for will mean that your project will no longer work across different platforms. meaning, this will ONLY work on HTML5…

the buttons on the bottom of the web page were meant for development only. you would remove those (or put the canvas and “yourproject.UE4.js” elements) in your custom looking page.