Can GPULM be used in non RTX cards?

Hey there, I was trying to use GPULM to bake the lights of my scene and it worked and the lighting looks amazing. Now, I am in my computer at home and I have a better gfx card than the normal PC I work on (not rtx). So, is it possible to use the Ligmass “Maps” and the global illumination values I computed in my RTX card and use them in the non-rtx PC? Like use the PC at home to precompute the raytraced light values but then just “read” them in the non rtx pc?

If you’ve baked the lighting then that baked data is set so there’s nothing special it need to display it on another machine. If you change the scene by moving a light/object or something like that then that would require you to rebuild the lighting, so just be aware of that if you’re on the less powerful machine.
The main thing about GPU lightmass is that it’s using your GPU to do the baking instead of the CPU, but all it’s doing is rendering the lighting to lightmap files, and those can be used by any machine after that.
Also, I don’t think GPU Lightmass takes advantage of any RTX features so you should still be able to do it on other GPU’s, though it might be slower if it’s an older GPU.

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