Can anything at all be done to speed up translucent Materials?

I need to use translucent materials in my VR game to make nice ‘holographic’ GUI screens and other ‘virtual’ objects that are to look like they are sort of holographic.
Some of these can get quite large in view and seem to slow down rendering considerably to the point of getting stutter where otherwise the game would be running perfectly fine with a GPU time of 5-7ms a frame.

Does anyone know if there are any tricks to make this sort of object faster to render?

I have tried turning lots of material options on and off but nothing seem to do much difference.
I found that setting blend mode to ‘Masked’ and ticking ‘Dither opacity mask’ did make it faster but I then lost that additive look that I want and it only seemed to work with 0.5 alpha, I think.

It’s frustrating that it should impact so much even when the translucent materials are very simple on very simple backgrounds. The rendering seems to take a much harder hit than having a single non-translucent material that was 5x+ more complex.


your problem is overdraw , your object is ovelaping the entire screen ?? couldnt yu use meshs instead with WPO maybe ??
some screens would help

Use Forward Rendering for VR.

Yep I’m already using Forward rendering.
Yes it’s overdraw the in game screen will at times cover 75% of the hmd screen. You suggest using WorldPositionOffset, would you be able to elaborate a bit more?