Can anyone tell me the exact angle differences between Vive and Oculus controllers?

In my game I’ve made all hand and item angles based on the Vive controllers, because that’s what I have. Basically what I did for each weapon was equip it, hit the system button to overlay the controller, and match it to the object so it feels right. So, of course, feedback from Oculus users seems to indicate that the weapon angles are consistently maybe 30ish degrees “off”. I don’t have an Oculus on hand to do this right, but can anyone with both tell me exactly what the difference is?

Off respect to which rotation axis? I would expect a difference in pitch due to the different ways the two controllers are held / their form factor. If you are willing to isolate the controller + weapon from your project and have me try to troubleshoot it on the Oculus, I am happy to do so.

Ideally I’d just get an FRotator/FQuat value that I can offset all grips by, but yeah I would imagine it’s mostly a difference in pitch. I do recall that when playing Superhot on Revive the controllers were a little bit rolled (??) as well though. I’m sort of surprised this isn’t readily available information.

Thanks for the offer but I’m not entirely sure that’s necessary. Vive controllers are perfectly straight, so the X axis points directly forward and the Z axis points up out of the touchpad. I’ve simply lined the X axis up with the grip on all weapons. All you’d have to do to get a rotation value is attach a 2x20cm box (or something) to your motion controller in the VR template and move it around until it feels right.

I know I’m a little late to the party – but if you import the official Oculus controller model – it’s 0,0,0 and identity rotation match up with the coordinates and rotations that the SDK feeds back. – So you can easily see what the rotation and angle are supposed to be.