Can anyone help me clamp the absolute world position?

So I am trying to recreate the PS1 affinite texture mapping and it’s working almost perfectly but there is one issue that can bee seen in this video: 2021 01 14 19 55 49 - YouTube effect gets stronger the closer you get to the object. I think a workaround would be to clamp the world position so if you get too close it would treat it as if you were standing far enough for the effect to work. In other words if I clamp the world position to 1m from the object with that material applied then all distances ranging from 0-1) would be clamped to 1 and anything above 1 would be unaffected if this makes any sense.
I have attached the mapping node setup.
If anyone knows a way please let me know.

You need to base your calculation on the distance between the camera and mesh. I just answered a question on changing material brightness based on this:

but I’m sure you can use those nodes to change the PS1 bug strength depending on camera distance.