Can anyone give me compiled bin files of 4.3


I was using the old 4.2 version till a few days ago. Recently I wanted to upgrade engine so downloaded the 4.3 version. I have deleted the older version. But the problem is, I don’t have Visual Studio 2013 and I don’t even know how to compile. The last version I was using was compiled by my friend who is a programmer. I can’t reach him now. I don’t have any idea how to compile it. Also don’t have the visual studio so that I can take a help of tutorials.

So can anyone share their compiled binaries? My friend told me that if I can just have the binaries from someone, I can run it without compilation. So please help me anyone.

I have these files: (4.3 version)

Can anyone help me by sending the bin files so that I can run it?

Thanks in advance!

You can download the binaries directly from Unreal from your user account page. If you go to your account dashboard: there is a Windows and Mac download link on the RHS.