Can anyone explain the performance difference between FXAA and Temporal AA

I’m sorry to ask because I know it’s probably simple(googled it) but I just can seem to get a handle on it. When one should you generally use for a lot of foliage or is it really just whichever one you think looks better?

Personally I prefer to use TAA over FXAA. TAA from my experience is a much better AA solution for foliage and in general. If your looking for better performance then FXAA is the answer.

You want to use Temporal AA whenever possible, it’s far superior to FXAA visually and some rendering features rely on the blur / temporal filter to look acceptable (like SSR for example).

FXAA is faster, and doesn’t suffer from ghosting like TAA does.

FXAA its a ugly. Like other comment say you want use TAA, the problem its TAA its too blurry.

In certain cases lowering the quality i get ride of a lot of blurry without notice too much the jagged edges (depends of the the scene), and its better for performance and the effect its better than FXAA. In other cases if i lower the quality the jagged edges are more noticeable.

TAA for me just makes horrible artifacts. it’s great for a still picture but any moving objects or just the camera moving keeps me away from it.

I would never use the current solution for TAA. The artifacts are indeed TERRIBLE. Though, pretty as hell most of the time, small details are lost because it takes too much time for the TAA to settle. Like reading something and what not. Hopefully this gets improved soon though.