Can an AR target be a video game character?

Hello, newbie here. I want to build out a Unity AR prototype that will help players with a certain video game (cheating, tbh) by telling them what defense to use when a monster changes attacks. I realize this will get a lot of hate, but I’m curious: in general, can a video game character/monster function as an AR target? Would it be too hard for the camera to pick up, since it’s a computer image and not a real-world image? Realistically, I would need to use the same character in different poses, with each pose being a separate target, since I would overlay different commands for each attack pose. So my other question is, can target recognition pick up on subtle differences between targets? (Since each target would be the same image, but in a different position). I know this sounds stupid, but I’d appreciate if anyone has any answers for me regarding this topic. Thanks!