Can a Niagara expert help me with this?


I’ve been trying to get two things working:

1 - Get Niagara particles to work on a static mesh surface which has an animated world offset going for it, say a wave pattern, I managed to get the static mesh to spawn particles from random tri but it seems to completely ignore the world offset deformations on it. Can someone show me how to make Niagara recognize the world offset deformations on the mesh?

2 - I want to assign an animated gradient map to tell niagara where to emit particles on top of this mesh above.

In short words I have a sea wave and would like the to have the texture mapped foam area emit particles.

You do not need a niagara expert for this for It is pretty trivial basics.

  1. If you spawn niagara particle from mesh, you have exactly same data payload as you’d have in material editor, hence spawn particle on original mesh, and sample displacement textures or duplicate procedural displacement logic to move particle into intended position.

  2. EITHER spawn everywhere and upon spawning sample gradient texture with particle position, roll a dice, checking if dice result is more that gradient value and if so, murder the particle, OR design a function, that given said gradient, would generate random position distribution of corresponding density.

Hey I always appreciate your replies man!

Sorry to say that I am very new to Niagara, I just got around my first script there with a basic mesh emitting module. Unless someone guides me step by step here or provides a screengrab of a pre-made setup to learn from it may be a hard to figure out by terminologies.

Here’s what i’ve been able to do so far.

The second image demonstrates

how the displacement is not being respected by Niagara.

sorry bumping this. Thanks.