Can a Navmesh Modifier other than "NavArea_Null" be dynamically updated at runtime?

Hallo everybody,

a couple of navmesh related questions here.

I’m working on a project whose Navigation Mesh is set to “Dynamic Modifiers Only” when it comes to Runtime Generation. The behaviour I expose below, however, it’s exactly the same for a completely “Dynamic” navmesh.

My actors below are using a Nav Modifier Component. In this first example, the Area Class of the modifier is set to NavArea_Null:

Notice how the navmesh gets updated in real-time. Beautiful! That happens with any modifier set to NavArea_Null. However, with any other type of nav area the updates are actually veery slow – basically updating only when your moving actor stays put for a while. Here’s an example with a class that’s even derived from NavArea_Null:

The question is simple…

  • Is there a way to have a nav mesh modifier whose nav area is set to something else than NavArea_Null to update the nav mesh as frequently as it happens with NavArea_Null?