Can a Decal Show only on the First Actor Hit?

What sort of trace are you doing? By default, line trace will only return the first actor hit.

I would like to have actors block a decal so that no actors behind them receive the decal.

The only solution I have come up with is to shoot a trace into the scene and feed the distance information into the decal material with material parameter collection. However, we’ve got a lot of objects in our scene with collision turned off so the trace won’t hit them. Turning collision on for everything would slow down performance too much.

It’s just a line trace, but we’ve turned collision off for most of the actors in the scene, so the trace doesn’t see them. This was done for performance.

If there’s a collision configuration allowing actors to inexpensively be hit by line or other traces, we could use that. When we had collision turned on, performance tanked.

Why not split the collision types? Turn off the normal blocking collision to get the performance, but keep a custom one on everything just for the line trace.

( I think this should work… )