Can a collision Component have multiple collision profiles?

Lets say I had a projectile class. As a component of that class I had a sphere collision. Could I set that projectiles collision system (the sphere collision) to multiple collision profiles?

Example: with the same component

then myCollisionComponent->BodyInstance.SetCollisionProfileName(“Enemy”);
as well as myCollisionComponent->BodyInstance.SetCollisionProfileName(“glass”);

or would I have to have a separate component per collision profile?

Hi LostScout,

Looking at the documentation for the SetCollisionProfileName function, this will overwrite the previous collision settings. Therefore, I believe it is save to say that each collision component can have only one collision profile.

As a separate note, I’ve not attempted to have multiple collision components on the same actor, but traditionally there is usually only one per actor. I wonder if perhaps there is a simpler way to do what you want than using multiple components/profiles. Can I ask why you want to have multiple collision profiles on the same actor?