Can a buoyancy actor float on water body custom?

i tried to make a buoyancy actor float on Water body Ocean, and it worked.
but it does not work with Water body custom. Is it possible to do it in this way? If not possible, how can i make a small piece of water element just like what in a bathtub?

The ue Documentation states that “custom are not rendered using the Water Mesh Actor, nor do they affect the landscape”, is it the reason?

I’ve also found that the buoyancy example provided by UE doesn’t work when used with custom water.
It falls to the bottom as if it were a normal physics cube.

I’m also interested to know if this is intended. If so, there is any way to add this interaction back into custom water?

As of 4.26.2 buoyancy has started working with water body custom. We had to recreate the water body customs from scratch, then it started working.

Having a similar problem with custom water body and flotation but in UE5.
Is this a bug and if so will it be fixed in the foreseeable future please?

The Buoyancy component is reading the wave height from the Water Body, so it won’t work out of the box with another water mesh/plane. You’d have to edit the Buoyancy component to read from your water source instead.

Question asker is specifically asking about “water body custom”. To confirm for anyone else ending up here “water body custom” does/should work with the ue4 buoyancy example out of the box.

To get the Water Body Custom working, you need to use a mesh that is not just a plane. Use a cube for example. I recommand to use a cube with a pivot point on the top face, because the buoyancy component use the pivot of the overlapping water body mesh as base. Only if it’s overlapping the mesh, it uses buoyancy.

Hope that helps! :wink:

Thank you everyone for your advice. What i’m trying to do is make my water lilies float on the lake :slight_smile: I’ve turned them into actors and they drop under gravity when in play mode… but as mentioned, they just fall too the bottom.

Hello,have you solved it? I wanted the boat to float in a lake in someone else’s map environment, but using the buoyancy plugin didn’t work. Do you have any ideas?