Can 3d translucent widgets be seen with ray tracing?

I am trying to use a widget component with translucency. When I use Raster translucency for rendering, I get the desired effect, a see through UMG widget component:


However, When I switch to Ray Traced Translucency, the widget disappears, even, when I give it opacity 1:


It might not be visible in the screen, but this is a widget component, placed in 3d. I am just staring at it on an almost right angle. I am using the default Widget material with translucent blend mode. Sizing and positioning are ok, as the only thing changing between screens is translucency type in post process.

So my question is: Is it not possible, or am I doing something wrong?

has the same problem. My current fix is to use simple plane mesh with manually set widget material and size from widget, and now its visible with RTT. And i disable render in main pass of widget component to not draw it when i disabling RTT