Cameras not being affected by HMD movement

Hey guys,

I have two camera actors in my level, and I have a director in Matinee that switches from one to the other. When I launch it, I can see through the cameras on my Rift, but I cannot look around. The cameras stays fixed and is not affected by the movement of my head. I think it has to do with activating, ‘Use Controller View Rotation’ in the Camera Settings, but I cannot find this option anywhere. Any ideas? Thanks so much.


The matinee will control the camera if the object in question consists of only a camera. Try creating a pawn blueprint with a capsule/box then attach the camera to it. Then use matinee to control the pawn.

I am not at home so I can’t give you more specific details but if you are still running into trouble let me know and when I get back I’ll give you a more in depth explanation

I had problems with cameras for awhile until I finally found this piece of information on creating a camera manager and changing it’s settings for the HMD: