Camera view fuzzy?

I have a camera I dragged in world and use as main on begin play. When i press play everything looks fuzzy and all textures are blurry. The editor camera view looks great, but not in game. I have blur set to 0. What do I need to change?

Double check your Scalability settings from the Settings button on the toolbar, if it is not already set it to Epic and try again. Let us know if that fixes it!

Looks better but not quite quality. How do I get better clarity over distance? The material I’m looking at is some distance away, and rotating on play. Looks fine when in editor.

Could you probably post a screenshot of your problem? Atm it sounds like a texture streaming or post process issue :slight_smile:

I fixed this blur problem by going to camera settings, post prosesing blend, and lower it to almost 0. Now everything is vary HD looking. Just a tip if anybody has same issue.

I’ve had this issue myself.

It’d like to know which specific Post Process effect is causing this as simply removing all post-process effects from your game doesn’t seem like a true solution to dealing with this issue.

Can anyone from Epic shed any light on what’s going on here?