Camera Vector gives FOV limited values on backgrounds

Wondering if anybody has faced this problem. If I hook up the Camera Vector node as the output of a post process, the output is limited to a FOV limited and on backgrounds (if no object is drawn into the main pass at that pixel). Here are images:
Lit scene:

With Post-Process:

Lit with a object:

And with the Post-Process:

This appears when my camera’s FOV is above 90d. Which is unfortunately because some of the effects in the project I’m working rely on having wide angle FOVs. Anyone has faced a similar situation? Any way to make the Camera Vector return the proper value beyond the circle besides slapping a sky dome on the background?

For some reson camera vector is broken on MaxDepth above 90 deegres. Try disabling IsSky in skybox material if i dosent break other things for you.