Camera Transitions between Levels in Sequencer / Cinematic


I’m trying to make a cinematic that a ship flies to the planet, enters the atmosphere and lands. So I have two different levels. One for space and another for the planet. So I find the level streaming system when I googled but I couldn’t divide levels. So they have different source lights and sky spheres and if I use level streaming they don’t change.

How can I make a cinematic by using two different levels?

Thanks a lot.

Thank you so much! I didn’t know the Sky Atmosphere and I’ll try the first one too.

If you use level streaming, you can load either level, or both at the same time. But there’s no crossfading between levels or anything like that.

Two ways you can do it:

  1. Do it with level streaming, but have 3 levels. One is space, one is re-entry, one is the planet. The re-entry level is easily loaded ( ie, it’s quite small ), and will either show the re-entry from inside the ship ( just a lot of emmisve ), or outside the ship - close up. Then you switch to the planet level and come in to land. The re-entry level also gives you time to load the planet level in the background if it’s large.

  2. Use the new UE sky atmosphere. That way you can actually fly out into space and back, but it will mean incorporating both your current levels into one larger level: