Camera to nDisplay viewport

Hi Folks,
first I have to say that I’m new to nDisplay, but already got the InCameraVFX example to work.

I’m trying to output 4 cameras straight to dedicated viewports in nDisplay. I don’t need camera reprojection, frustums or tracking. Just 4 static cameras in Unreal, assigned to 4 viewports in nDisplay.

To keep it simple at first, i just started with one camera. As described in the nDisplay documentation I created a new blueprint to set my camera to the nDisplay viewport.

But even with my pretty simple configuration, nDisplay only shows a black window.

I’m currently running UE 4.26.0. My Config file and Blueprint are attached below.


[info] version=“23”

[cluster_node] id=“node_TopLeft” addr=“” window=“wnd_TopLeft” master=“true” sound=“true”
[window] id=“wnd_TopLeft” viewports=“vp_demo” fullscreen=“false” WinX=“50” WinY=“50” ResX=“800” ResY=“800”
[viewport] id=“vp_demo” x=“0” y=“0” width=“800” height=“800” projection=“proj_camera_demo”

[projection] id=“proj_camera_demo” type=“camera”

[general] swap_sync_policy=“1”
[network] cln_conn_tries_amount=“10” cln_conn_retry_delay=“1000” game_start_timeout=“30000” barrier_wait_timeout=“5000”

I’ve taken a look in the logfile and found the following line:

[2021.02.26-17.02.47:928] 26]LogDisplayClusterRender: Warning: No camera found for viewport ‘vp_demo’

Do i need to reference the “DisplayClusterProjection Module API” Somewhere?

you need to call DisplayClusterProjectionModuleAPI - SetCamera .You can do this in the level blueprint.

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Hi, I’m have problem in same question.
As you say, I call DisplayClusterProjectionModuleAPI - SetCamera In my level blueprint.

But My log file Still following line :
LogDisplayClusterRender: Warning: No camera found for viewport ‘vp_fl’

How can I solve this problem.

I solve this problem.

Simply add a [camera] item to your config file.

ex) [camera] id=“camera_static” loc=“X=0,Y=0,Z=0”

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