Camera swap help


I have a system that works like this:

First Person viewpoint:

  1. Hold left button down - power bar rises.
  2. Let go of left button, projectile
  3. Camera follows the flight of the
    projectile until impact
  4. On impact, I Destroy the projectile,
    swap it out for a destructible
    version of itself and it explodes.
  5. At the same time I detach the camera
    component of the destructible mesh
    and use that as the view camera (to
    frame the destruction caused). Then
    after a few seconds swap back to FPS

On the whole this works okay but I need a more elegant solution to framing the view of the impact, as using the above method can make the camera appear on top of the impact and you see nothing.

I guess what I need is a section of blueprint that traces the projectiles path from start to end and places the final camera viewpoint a couple of hundred units back down the ‘path’ looking toward the impact. This would more or less ensure a clear, unrestricted view of the crash site but I don’t know the script to do this.
Can anyone help please?


  1. power bar should be float variable.
  2. Use an event for left click released.
  3. Your projectile should have a camera component. Use a set view target node to set the camera.
  4. On impact, you can have the projectile be a destructible mesh, and just break it on the onHit event, create a new event called destroyed or something.
  5. OnEvent Destroyed, set the camera position to zoom about by setting location. Add a delay, and then use a set viewtarget node to set it back to the original.