Camera - Shadow Flickering Issue


I’m dealing with an issue where the shading/shadowing of objects changes, drastically, when the camera moves. It creates a sort of hideous flicker.

To be clear, the shadows/objects don’t flicker on their own. They only change lighting when the camera moves.

I’m aware that shadows and the lighting of objects change at a distance, but rotating my camera in a fixed position exposes this issue:



-Also, if anyone knows the term for this issue, maybe it’ll help me find help, because I keep finding solutions to problems that are not related to mine.

Still looking for a solution to this one, if anyone has any ideas?

Someone here on the forum said about rolling back the driver, if you updated recently. But I have no idea if this could help this case of yours.

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Unfortunately, rolling back the drivers will break other features that I’m currently using. However, I did figure out that there were just too many lights. The lighting complexity of the scene was far too high.