Camera Resolution issue

Hi all, i have an camera issue from maya to UE4…i set my cam in maya with resolution 2048858 pixel
but when i import into UE4 its not work correctly because Ue4 work in MM…can any one please help me to solve this issue i am highly thnanksfull to you…i shares some of screen shots of the issue…
i want 2048
858 resolution in UE4

Maya Cams


UE4 Cam


Your screenshot shows a camera aperture of 36mm x 24mm. Why don’t you try to just input that?

The resolution Unreal will render at, is typically going to be the resolution of your display (unless there’s dynamic resolution, supersampled antialiasing, splitscreen, or whatnot), and you will not normally be able to affect that resolution through the camera settings. You could technically provide a render target with your desired resolution, but that’s almost certainly not what you want here. I suspect what you really need to match is the aspect ratio, not the resolution as such.

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