Camera Rendering !!

Hi my name is

i have a specific point that i need to understand … i made some small games with UE4 but my current game will be a bit bigger and also more detailed which means more performance required

and i have just seen a video talking about Engines that can makes camera Only render what is around the player or his perspective view , and completely hide what is beside in order to control performance and not to cause lags etc.

(i have a photo shows what i mean) , because i searched in documentation and unfortunately i didn’t get the point or the method

i just need to understand how can i add a feature like this in my game in UE4 , and don’t feel worry about my detailed maps or the performance of GPU and CPU

Thanks in advance .

Hi Buddy, this is what UE does by default, you don’t need to do anything to make it happen. It’s called Frustum Culling.