Camera post process and pp volume priority

Hey, I have a question about camera post process and post process volume

What I understood is that basically:
camera post process = global
post process volume = local

anyone knows what are the priority ? Does the camera post process takes priority over the pp volume? does it blend together ?
From my test they seem to blend together but i’m not sure.

What are the best way to use it ? for my game I have the cam pp that does a fov change when in cinematic, and the pp volume is used for any color change, basically using the cam pp in area where it would be too much of a hassle to overlay 2 pp volume and place them perfectly


Yes, you are correct. Camera post-process applies globally to the entire view and post-process volume is local and applies to specific volumes defined in your scene.

When both camera post-process and post-process volumes are present in the scene, the engine blends the two together based on their priority and influence. The priority of a post-process volume can be set in the details panel of the volume, where you can specify the priority of the volume. Post-process volumes with a higher priority will override post-process volumes with a lower priority.

In terms of best practices, it’s good to use camera post-process for global changes that you want to apply to the entire scene, such as FOV changes. And use post-process volumes for local changes, such as color grading, where you want to apply specific effects to a specific area in the scene.

You can also use a combination of both, where you have a post-process volume with a high priority that overrides the camera post-process for a specific area, and the camera post-process provides a global effect for the rest of the scene.


Something else about PPVol Priority I recently learned:
Priority only applies to checked features! Results can be very confusing if you dont know this.

If a PPVol feature, like exposure compensation, or ColorGrading LUT, is not checked (active), the system will defer to the next highest priority PPVol, or the default setting.

Let’s say we have a default project setting of Exposure Compensation 1.0.
And we have a PPVol with priority 0, with Exposure Compensation 3.0 (checked and active)
And we have a second PPVol with priority 1, with Exposure Compensation 5.0.
(The volumes are overlapping or unbounded)

If this parameter is checked active on the second PPVol, overall Exposure Compensation will be 5.0.

If this parameter is unchecked on the second PPVol, the overall Exposure Compensation will be 3.0, even though that PPVol has a lower priority.

If it’s unchecked on both PPVols, the overall Exposure Compensation will be 1.0, the project default.

A wonderfully powerful feature for stacking changes to PostProcessing, or a terrible torment if you didn’t know what was happenning!