Camera perspective is stuck at last HMD location after VR Preview in PIE with Vive


I think I’ve noticed a potential bug within UE4.10 with regards to using SteamVR/the Vive.

I’ve noticed that if I play back my game in VR Preview with the Vive, then exit out of the VR Preview and play back in normal Play in Editor preview, my First Person Camera is now offset in terms of both location and rotation by the last reported orientation of the Vive.

It’s most noticeable in my project because the project follows rollercoaster style, i.e. you’re on rails the entire time.

To duplicate:

  • Make a project with some kinda matinee that moves the player controller around via a target point.
  • Play it back normally in Play in Editor to get a reference for your normal height/rotation.
  • Go into VR Preview and play it back. Maybe sit down on the floor while it’s playing back, and twist around backwards or something. Exit the preview.
  • Play it back as PIE again.

Anyone else having this issue?

I’ve been having this exact problem recently, though it seems only to have begun with 4.14. Did you find a solution?

Have you tried toggling “Lock to HMD” on the camera’s settings? I can’t remember which one it is for certain, but I think if you have the box checked (which it is by default), then it forces the camera to update its location vector using the HMD positional tracking. If you uncheck this box, the camera should remain in place, even as the HMD changes position, but will still track the HMD rotation, which sounds like what you want.