Camera Only Renders Objects Given. Possibly Realtime Compositing is the answer?


Explanation of problem:
I am trying to create a large scene to display on large screens viewed by many people at one time. I have plenty of options to try and cut performance as this whole scene doesn’t have to be rendering in real-time all the time (I can do per-rendered videos etc). With that said because the screen will be so large the perspective of any given object on the screen can be quite difficult. I want to try and follow certain large objects with a camera to give the perspective that I want but I want the overall scene or objects behind that one to remain rendering with the perspective of my main camera or other camera. I imagine some type of compositing will need to be done to get this effect, but that’s why I am here. So here is the question:

Can I have a camera only render or show a specific object and then overlay that into my “scene”? If so where should I start?

Please let me know if I need to further explain this situation :smiley: Typing these up are sometimes hard.