Camera Mapping?

Is there any solution for camera mapping in UE?

I thought camera mapping needed to be done by hand because the software wouldn’t have a clue what is in-front of, or behind anything? So I have to ask if ‘any’ software at all has a solution for this style/technique (beyond 3D editing tools common to most progs) … let alone whether or not UE can do this?

No, UE4 can’t do camera mapping, I don’t know why you would want to anyways. You can do that in most 3D programs, but there’s not any reason for it in a game engine.

Project a texture from a spotlight?

In the material, you can use the screen position node with masked RG values to the UVs of a texture to position it flat against the camera. This effect was done in games like Super Mario Galaxy, where the Cosmic Mario character was mapped by a flat texture. It makes the silhouette very strong, and gives the object an other-worldly appearance. This was the required method to align scene capture reflections in UE3, but reflections are now calculated in the G-buffer by screenspace. Is there something you’re working on in UE4 that can benefit from this?