Camera look at inside a level fails

I have a cinematic camera and an object that’s contained inside a level. When I try to make the camera look at the object by picking the object from camera’s Lookat Tracking Settings section I just get the following error in the Output Log:

LogProperty:Warning: Illegal TEXT reference to a private object in external package (StaticMeshActor /Game/Cinematics/Sequences/paeae.paeae:PersistentLevel.facebix_chin_31) from referencer (CineCameraActor /Game/StarterContent/Maps/Minimal_Default.Minimal_Default:PersistentLevel.paeaecam).  Import failed...

Seems like the CineCameraActor can’t be saved inside a specific level and it’s always inside Persistent Level, so it can’t reference any actors in other levels. Is there any way to fix this?

Seems to be same as this: Cine camera, track works only with objects in the same level - Cinematics & Media - Unreal Engine Forums