Camera Jankiness in PlayerPawn Relative Rotation

So Im making a game where the player movers relative of the ship theyre one, and freely through space if theyre not on a ship.

Im including a video of the player and client

In the video, there is a jankiness only when the player rotates relative of the ship theyre attached to. A client or server observing a client player will not see any jankiness, it is only noticed on the players display.

I feel Ive eshausted my replication method options and was wondering if there are any settings that I can modify that might help.


I want to inlcude that the jankiness is only seen when the player rotates.


So, another thing I wanna add is that I discovered that it is setting the Sprng Arms rotation that is causing this issue.
So the player moves and rotates perfectly fine, but when I rotate the spring arm, its choppy.