Camera getting inside Third Person Character Mesh

Hi! I’m pretty new in UE and I’m sure this is a silly problem that can be fixed by setting the right settings but I’m not able to figure out a solution.
The camera gets inside my third person character’s mesh as you can see here…

Any advise to fix it?

Thanks so much!!

You can manually adjust the camera forward a bit to avoid this issue.

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Hi! Thanks! I’m using a spring arm, do you mean by shortening the distance?

Sorry, I thought you were using a head bone as a socket to attach the camera to. I’d guess what you’re experiencing is a collision issue.

Its hard to tell from the vid , though have you tried changing the collision to block camera ? You should be able to set it on your character mesh , or on the capsule . Or change the spring arm location properties .

I ran into an issue like this once and it turned out to be the collision for me; not sure if it’d work in your case but just in case.

@Pilot_88 @razmaz51 @Tettey_Nartey thanks so much for trying to help…
I have been checking the collision settings for both the capsule and the mesh, and everything looks correct. I’m attaching below both settings.
By the other hand, I tried making shorter and longer the distance with the same result.

Capsule Settings

Mesh Settings

Thanks so much!

I recorded some more of that weird behavior… I honestly can’t understand why the camera does that especially when the enemy makes contact with the player. Hopefully that can be helpful to understand the issue.

Seems like the spring arm is colliding with the other mesh and causing the camera to adjust.

You probably have the spring arm set too far or not anchored correctly to the character.

You have to adjust - likely both things. The camera collision settings+socketing and the spring arm itself.

there is something that collides with ur camera or pawn, something like a big ■■■■■■■ star that u may not see or volume phenomena

@MostHost_LA @Psy_The_Architec thanks so much!! I think I have been able to solve it, I had two issues, the camera wan’s properly set to the spring arm’s socket, and by the other hand the mesh of the enemy was blocking the camera. Changing that seems to have fixed the weird behavior. Thanks so much for your help!!

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