Camera frozen when going from a non-VR map to VR map

HI everyone,

I am having some problems when using my HTC Vive headset in an arch viz project I have.

  1. On one hand, whenever i go from a map that uses no camera ( pure UMG/UI) to one that has a VRPawn the game freezes and I can`t seem to move my camera in-game. Inside the headset I see the “loading screen”. However, whenever I use VR preview from the viewport everything goes perfectly. I have set the correct settings in world settings game mode, including my VRPawn and auto-posses on player 0 is activated.

  2. I cant seem to make my "apartment" work with the VR teleportation system. I have set Navmeshbounds and also have fiddled around with it's settings to get a better chance of making it work ( tile size, etc...) but nothing seems to work. The headset works and the controls appear but the blue parabolic arrow that is supposed to appear when moving doesn´t appear and I can´t telelport. I have tried integrating the VR templates pawn into the map with the apartment but it doesn’t work, nor does it work the other way around.

I am grateful to anyone who might have any suggestion.

For your first question I am not very sure how to help, but the second question might be a collision problem.

You can check your Navmesh by pressing the “P” button in the editor. You should now be able to see some green planes which shows where you can teleport. If you dont see anything green your floor might have no collision.

Thanks myavuz, I see the navmesh and it seems to be fine. However, the teleportation problem remains, it is odd because there is a small blue bar coming out of my controller when I want to teleport ( Imagine the parabolic blue arrow but only the first segment coming out of the “hand” is visible.) It`s like I can only teleport an inch at a time.

It sounds like you have something that collides on your motion controller did you add something to your BP_MotionController?

Hey Myavuz, I have added nothing to my BP_MotionController. I implement the MotionControllerPawn right away into my level after importing the whole Virtual Reality Content Package to the project.

Ok so I have started building the project from the ground upwards again and I have found the problem. It seems the walls of my apartment have a collision box that submerges everything. I have deleted these collisions and everything is perfect now.

I still the first issue, though!

Thanks for your help Myavuz.

Hi, maybe you want to check out this thread. I think you can find info that might help you with question 1.